...to live and grow in the love of God and to show how God, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, gives meaning and direction to life.
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The people who are Cullercoats Methodist Church are a growing community rich in our diversity but united in loving and following Jesus. Because our church includes a full age range from 0 – 103, we try to offer something for everybody on a very varied and full menu of activities, worship, groups and interests.

We are a church which is proud of its evangelical roots, and is always seeking to join in God’s mission. We enjoy a high profile within the communities of Cullercoats, Marden Estate and Tynemouth, but include people who travel into CMC because this is where they wish to belong.

We centre our life together around the four core elements of “Our Calling”: worship, learning and caring, serving and making new disciples – and offer many opportunities for you to get involved under each heading.

We look forward to any link you want to make with us, so please contact us by Facebook or twitter  or email or phone or however you usually communicate...